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Clarification of OSBM Memo dated April 9

Posted on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 under Budget News

Message from Reade Taylor

The state’s current fiscal situation presents a cash shortfall that would preclude the University and other state agencies from expending remaining funds in state budgets.

UNC General Administration staff plans to seek exceptions to the April 9 OSBM memo regarding Additional Fiscal Year Budget Restrictions. We expect to hear the results of that effort by the end of this week. Once we know the nature of general exceptions to the memo, this information will be posted to the budget information website along with procedures for requesting exceptions.

We expect searches and offers for fall 2009 can proceed, but we are seeking clarification.

Institutional Trust Funds are not affected by this memo.

As stated in the OSBM memo, other expenditures from state funds will require OSBM approval. Until we get clarification later in the week, emergency exception requests (including dollar amount and justification) should be sent to the appropriate person in your division via e-mail.

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