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Status of Budget

Posted on Friday, May 22nd, 2009 under Budget News

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

The Budget Sounding Board met on May 14, 2009, and discussed issues around the budget situation, and how best to communicate during the summer. This message summarizes what we know about the 2009-11 budget, as well as where we stand with the 2008-09 state budget.

In my last communication on May 12, 2009 concerning the budget, I indicated that the state’s 15% shortfall in revenues compared to the current year budget led President Bowles to suggest the chancellors develop plans for a cut at that level. At this time, no one knows the final budget cut that we will face. The House proposal has not yet been released and there will likely be differences between the House proposal and that of the Senate and Governor, which will need to be resolved via a conference.

Budget cuts of the magnitude currently under consideration would have a significant effect on the educational experience of our students, especially in the face of anticipated record enrollment for fall 2009 We remain committed to protecting direct classroom instruction to the greatest extent possible. This commitment will necessitate a reduction in the high level of service to which we have become accustomed (e.g., some student and IT services, care of facilities, etc). I am confident we will emerge from this challenge stronger and better poised to effectively educate students with the skills needed in the 21st century.

As background, what follows is a summary of the budget cut notifications we have received and implemented for 2008-09:

Date UNCG State & Board of Governors
4/08 Chief Academic Officers’ meeting, budget reductions for 2008-09 discussed
7/08 Permanent budget cut notification from General Administration of $1.4 million
8-9/08 Erosion of state’s economy continues
9/08 Governor orders 2% holdback
10/08 Governor orders additional 1% (total 3% holdback)
10/08 Temporary reduction to address anticipated 5% cut allocated
10/08 Governor orders additional 1% (total 4% holdback)
1/09 General Administration communicates 6% cut
1/09 Temporary reduction to address 6.5% cut allocated to units
3/09 Temporary reduction to address 7% cut allocated
4/09 Hiring freeze and spending restrictions received from Office of State Budget & Management
4/09 April tax payments due and reflect a 40% reduction from 4/15/08 collections
4/09 Executive Order #11 orders furloughs and a temporary 0.5% annualized salary cut

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