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Legislative Call to Action

Posted on Monday, May 3rd, 2010 under Budget News

To emerge from this deep economic recession stronger than ever, we must remain steadfast in our commitment to preserving access to affordable, quality higher education. Last month Governor Perdue released her proposed state budget for 2010‐11. We are grateful the Governor supported the Board of Governors’ alternative tuition proposal and recommended full funding for our projected enrollment growth and need‐based financial aid.

However, we are deeply concerned that UNCG will suffer significant and lasting damage to the quality of instruction provided to our students, if budget cuts rise to the level recommended by the Governor – which total 5.9% or $154 million for the UNC System. This is almost four percent more than the University had planned for and committed to during last year’s budget cycle.

For the first time in several years, leadership at General Administration has urged us to organize a concerted effort to respond to the Governor’s proposed budget.

UNCG is first and foremost committed to protecting core academic functions and opportunities for student success. However, the proposed budget reduction would cut directly into our academic core and significantly reduce the quality of academic instruction and the student experience at UNCG. Any new cuts of nearly 6% would result in not only further increases in class size and fewer course offerings, but also significantly reduced services outside of the classroom for our students. Students would see fewer academic advisors, fewer financial aid officers, and fewer mental health counselors. This is especially worrisome because the number of students using counseling services at UNCG has increased by about one‐third since 2007.

The Legislature convenes May 12th and the budget process will move very swiftly. We therefore ask you to contact your House and Senate representative and any other state elected officials with whom you have a relationship THIS WEEK, urging them to hold University reductions to a minimum. Individual telephone calls and e­mail messages are appropriate; however, mass e­mails sent to multiple legislators at one time are typically ineffective. I also encourage you to engage the public by writing letters to the editor for publication in your local newspapers. You can find contact information for state legislators here.

Please underscore that any cuts above the 2% level already included in next year’s budget by the General Assembly will cut directly into our academic core and erode the quality of education we can offer our students. Click here to view a detailed outline of the results a nearly 6% cut will have on UNCG. I ask that you emphasize any new cuts of nearly 6% would negatively impact the academic experience for students at UNCG. Please share the outcome of your conversations or communications with Mike Tarrant, Special Assistant to the Chancellor (mike_tarrant@uncg.edu or 336‐501‐2673).

I will keep you posted on new developments as they become available. This promises to be a very challenging legislative session, and UNCG will need your ongoing support. Thank you.

State employees: please remember your assistance is voluntary, and that all contact with legislators should be done on your own time without the use of state equipment; including your computer, state e‐mail account, cell phone, etc.

View “Impact of Governor’s Proposed Budget Reduction on UNCG”.

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