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Supplemental Tuition Increase for UNCG

Posted on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 under Budget News

Two weeks ago Governor Perdue signed into law the 2010-2011 state budget. Faced with an $800 million revenue gap, members of the General Assembly were forced to make difficult decisions in order to maintain a balanced budget.

While the UNC System took its fair share of cuts, legislators fought hard to protect core academic functions and opportunities for student success. The legislature was successful in limiting additional cuts for the UNC System to $70 million. Out of that $70 million, UNCG’s share is $6.4 million. This cut is in addition to a permanent $6.9 million cut UNCG took in the 2009-10 academic year. That cut primarily came from administrative functions and academic support.

After last year’s cut, our ability to absorb another significant cut without affecting our classroom instruction is nearly impossible. This led the General Assembly to authorize the chancellors to seek additional tuition increases for fall 2010, up to $750, with 20% of the revenue from the increase set aside for need-based financial aid. President Bowles authorized UNCG to implement a $485 annual tuition increase. Revenue from this tuition increase will be used to offset our $6.4 million cut and to provide $1.6 million for need- based financial aid. What this will mean for students is an increase in tuition. There are two components to the tuition increase which is effective with the fall 2010 semester (annual increases shown):

  • a previously approved Campus Initiated Tuition Increase (CITI) of $168 for full-time undergraduates and $198 for full-time graduate students and;
  • the $485 annual increase for full-time students to offset the reduction in state appropriations.

With that understanding, the total tuition increase for full-time undergraduate students for the 2010-11 academic year will be $653.00 or $326.50 per semester and $683.00 or $341.50 per semester for a full-time graduate student.    Our financial aid office will be working diligently to process financial aid forms to ensure that funds are distributed in accordance with needs.  This post addresses additional frequently asked questions.

While I am extremely concerned about the additional burden this puts on students and their families, we must protect the quality of UNCG’s academic programs and our ability to provide students with the classes and support they need to graduate. Even with this increase, UNCG’s tuition remains well below our national peers, (only one of our 17 peer institutions has lower tuition), and very competitive among our peer universities within the UNC system. We are still in uncertain financial times, but I assure you that we are being fiscally prudent and strategic in our planning. We are working diligently to restructure our resources in a manner that will allow us to mitigate the effects of the prior year’s cuts, provide a pool of financial aid funding, and target critical issues that have not been addressed because of repeated budget cuts. As discussions continue, be mindful that our goal is to maintain the academic quality for which the institution has been known since its founding in 1891.

As I start my third year as Chancellor of UNCG I want to express my profound gratitude for the support and loyalty all members of the UNCG community have demonstrated during a very difficult economic period. Thank you for your service to UNCG.


Linda P. Brady

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