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Budget Update

Posted on Friday, March 21st, 2014 under Budget News
The following message was sent by Chancellor Brady to faculty and staff on March 13, 2014.
Dear faculty and staff,
I know that many of you are taking advantage of UNCG’s Spring Break to be with family and friends, but want to update you on decisions I have made regarding the budget cut we will experience during 2014-15. During the past several weeks I have engaged with the university community in a variety of settings. These opportunities for interaction with students, faculty, staff, academic department heads, members of our Board of Trustees and others have been very helpful as I reconsidered the initial allocation decision I shared with executive staff and the Deans Council in late January.
Based on the input I received I have made the final allocations, which are included in the attached document (Click here to download the proposed UNCG Cuts for 2014-15 Summary). Notably, I have reduced the initial allocation to Academic Affairs from 84 percent of the total budget cut to 73 percent. The gap has been closed through the allocation of deeper cuts to other divisions of the university. While this does not exempt Academic Affairs from the budget cuts, it does, I believe, reflect the priority we place on our academic mission.
In coming weeks, the provost, vice chancellors, members of Deans Council, department heads and supervisors will work with faculty and staff to determine how best to make these reductions. I have made it clear that across-the-board reductions will not be supported, and that our primary goal must be to protect instruction and efforts to restore enrollment. I encourage you to get involved in this process within your school/college, department or other administrative unit. I have asked that provisional plans be prepared by the end of March, to enable me to present the overall university plan to the Faculty Senate on April 2. As you know, budget reduction plans across the UNC system do not become final until after the North Carolina General Assembly convenes on May 14 and adjourns in June following passage of the 2014-15 state budget.  
I will continue to keep you informed through emails and updates to our budget central website. The website contains an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
Thanks for all you do for UNCG.
Linda P. Brady
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