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This web page is designed to keep the University community apprised of UNCG's response to the unprecedented economic challenges facing North Carolina and the country. The website provides relevant information from President Tom Ross, Chancellor Gilliam, the Office of State Budget and Management, and other important campus and North Carolina links related to the budget process and ongoing budget reduction plans. This website will be updated as additional relevant information becomes available. To receive notification of website updates, join our listserv.

NC General Assembly Education Subcommittee 2013-15 Fiscal Biennium Budget Highlights

Posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 under Budget News, State Budget News

The report on the North Carolina General Assembly Education Subcommittee 2013-15 Fiscal Biennium Budget Highlights has been finalized. The report provides a high-level summary of changes made to the budgets of North Carolina’s public schools, community colleges and the University of North Carolina system during the 2013 long legislative session.

For the complete report, please click on the link below: 

2013 Session Budget Fiscal Briefs – Education Subcommittee

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October 2013 Fiscal Research Division General Fund Revenue Report and Economic Outlook

Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 under State Budget News

Fiscal Research Division

The North Carolina General Fund Revenue Report and Economic Outlook for October 2013 developed by the Fiscal Research Division of the General Assembly can be seen here. This report is an update provided by the General Assembly’s Fiscal Research Division that summarizes revenue for the current fiscal year and outlines the risks to revenue receipts for the current year. 

The following is an excerpt from the report:

  • General Fund collections for the first quarter of the current fiscal year are $79 million or 1.6 percent above the revenue target.
  • The first quarter provided mixed results. Personal Income tax withholding on wages was below target. Sales tax collections and Corporate Income tax payments, on the other hand, are running ahead of target.
  • Some employment numbers have been slow to improve; however, the State’s improvement in employment is tracking slightly above the average pace when compared with the amount of employment lost during the recession.
  • The economy continues to strengthen, yet the pace of growth remains below average. The slow growth pattern makes us more susceptible to economic and policy shocks and places the risk to the forecast at a higher level. 

General Fund Revenue Report & Economic Outlook


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2013-14 Budget Update

Posted on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 under Budget News, State Budget News

Dear faculty and staff,

I would like to update you on the budget for the 2013-14 academic year. As outlined in President Ross’s budget update released in late August, the 2013-14 state budget contains $115 million in permanent budget reductions to the UNC system. On Aug. 9, the UNC Board of Governors approved budget cut allocations for all of the system’s constituent institutions. UNCG’s portion of the 2013-14 cuts is $6,268,425, reflecting a 4.08 percent reduction, followed by another projected 1 percent reduction of $1,511,878 in 2014-15.

Since receiving UNCG’s allocation, the provost, vice chancellors and I have worked with division leaders to revisit preliminary reduction plans and implement required cuts based on the university’s budget principles. To the greatest extent possible, efforts were made to protect direct classroom services, safety and security, and financial integrity. However, this year’s cuts of more than $6 million, coming on top of the more than $80 million in permanent and one-time budget cuts over the last six years, will require budget reductions across the university.
Pending review by UNC General Administration, roughly 59 positions will be eliminated, including approximately 31 faculty and 28 staff full-time equivalent (FTE) positions. Thanks to your hard work, resourcefulness and a temporary SPA hiring freeze implemented in August, many of our full-time employees impacted by this year’s budget reductions are being placed in positions made vacant by retirement or attrition. However, the impact of budget reductions will not be limited to full-time employees. Divisions will have fewer resources to renew contracts for part-time and temporary employees who fill important roles in areas ranging from academic instruction to accounting.
Reductions in funding for graduate stipends, need-based financial aid and part-time, on-campus student employment will present additional challenges for our students, faculty and departments across the university. To address the potential loss of course sections and seats, the provost and Deans Council will continue to protect the most crucial courses to keep students on track for graduation, and the temporary course substitution policy approved in 2011 will remain in effect for students whose graduation might otherwise be delayed.
Throughout the economic downturn, our community has responded with resilience and sacrifice. Students are balancing academic, work and community responsibilities. Faculty have taken on increased teaching loads. Staff are filling multiple roles as a result of cutbacks. We remain determined to preserve the quality of our academic programs and the vibrancy of the overall student experience.

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August 29, 2013 Message from Chancellor Brady: Our Commitment, Our Future

Posted on Friday, September 13th, 2013 under Budget News

Dear UNCG Faculty and Staff,

During my State of the Campus address, I spoke about UNCG’s inception in 1891 and the citizens of Greensboro who believed in the power of education to transform economies and revitalize communities. During a time of great challenge and uncertainty, the Greensboro community banded together and voted unanimously in support of a bond referendum to secure UNCG’s home in this city as the state’s first public university to educate women.

Today, as our economy continues its recovery and resources remain scarce, our historic commitment to our students and to this community propels us forward. As outlined in President Ross’s budget update released last week, the 2013-14 state budget contains $115 million in permanent budget reductions to the UNC System. On Aug. 9, the UNC Board of Governors approved budget cut allocations for UNC System campuses. UNCG’s portion of the 2013-14 allocation is $6,268,428, reflecting a 4.08 percent reduction, followed by a projected 1 percent reduction of $1,511,878 in 2014-15.

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General Assembly Passes Budget

Posted on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 under Budget News

The North Carolina House and Senate finalized passage of a $20.6 billion budget last week for the 2013-15 biennium. The legislature writes a two-year budget when it convenes in odd-numbered years. In even-numbered years, it returns to Raleigh to update the plan for the second year. The budget passed in the Senate by a 32-17 margin with one Republican joining Democrats in voting against the bill. In the House, the budget passed by a margin of 65-53 with eleven Republicans joining Democrats in voting against the bill. Shortly after the House and Senate passed the budget, Governor McCrory signed the bill into law.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the Conference budget, Senate budget, House budget, the Budget Priorities of the UNC System Board of Governors, and the Governor’s proposed budget recommendations.

Side-by-Side Budget Comparison

A brief overview of the budget’s impact on the UNC System is below.

  • UNC System Highlights from the General Assembly’s FY 2013-15 Conference Budget
    • 4.5 percent is cut from the UNC System’s FY 2012-13 state budget in FY 2013-14 and an additional 0.8 percent is cut in FY 2014-15 (a total of 5.3 percent over the biennium). The UNC Board of Governors will allocate cuts to the campuses at their meeting on August 9. Additional budget reductions may be included in the UNC Board of Governors campus allocations in order to fund provisions of the UNC System Strategic Plan
    • Cuts allocated through the Management Flex Reduction equal $65.8 million in 2013-14 and $73.6 million in 2014-15. Before taking reductions in instructional budgets, the conference budget requires the Board of Governors and the campuses to consider all of the following:
      • Reduced State funding for centers, institutes, speaker series, and other nonacademic activities.
      • Faculty workload adjustments.
      • Restructuring of research activities.
      • Implementing cost-saving span of control measures.
      • Reducing senior and middle management positions.
      • Elimination of low-performing, redundant or low-enrollment programs.
      • Use of alternative funding sources.
      • Protecting direct classroom services.
    • The Board of Governors and the campuses also must review the institutional trust funds and the special funds held by or on behalf of The University of North Carolina and its campuses to determine whether there are monies available in those funds that can be used to assist with operating costs. In addition, the campuses must require their faculty to have a teaching workload equal to the national average in their Carnegie classification.
    • In addition to the Management Flex Reduction, the budget further reduces UNC System state funding by $25.8 million in 2013-14 and $38 million in 2014-15 in anticipation of savings from implementation of administrative and operational efficiencies, instructional efficiencies and program consolidations identified by the UNC Strategic Plan
    • In 2014-15, nonresident undergraduate tuition will increase by 12.3 percent at four campuses, 6 percent at UNCG and nine other campuses at a cost of $27.2 million in recurring funds. This tuition increase is in addition to the campus-based increase previously approved by the UNC Board of Governors.
    • The UNC Need-Based Grant program will be funded at $122.5 million in both years, less than the $147 million allocated in 2012-13.
    • Certain programs will continue to be phased out, including the NC Teaching Fellows Program and the tuition grant for graduates of the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). The Teach for America program received an additional $5.1 million recurring each year.
    • Salary supplements for teachers with master’s degrees will only be available to those who already had them in 2013-14 and will be completely eliminated in 2014-15.
    • The budget directs a feasibility study of an alternative undergraduate admission program known as the North Carolina Guaranteed Admission Program (N.C. GAP) that would redirect borderline eligible students to the Community College System in exchange for guaranteed admission at a UNC System school upon completion of an associate’s degree.
    • The budget also requires a study to examine the feasibility of restarting the UNCG iSchool Program as part of the Career and College Promise Program.
    • Enrollment growth and building reserves were fully funded. The UNC System received $60 million to be allocated by the UNC Board of Governors for repairs and renovations in FY 2013-14.
    • Any person who was a full-time permanent leave-earning employee of the State on July 1, 2013, are granted one-time additional five days of annual leave to be used by June 30, 2014. Part-time permanent leave-earning employees are to receive a pro rata amount of the five days.

 To read the full budget, please visit the following:

Next Steps

The UNC Board of Governors will meet on August 9 to determine how funding will be distributed to all 17 UNC System campuses. Over the next few weeks, Chancellor Brady, the Provost and Vice Chancellors will be working with division leaders to revisit the preliminary reduction plans made this spring and then to implement budget cuts based on the university’s budget principles. Chancellor Brady will also convene the Budget Sounding Board to review strategies and operational plans for dealing with the budget situation during the 2013-14 academic year. Additional updates on the budget and its impact on UNCG will be posted on Budget Central as information becomes available. 


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